Verizon’s vision is 2020 for network technology


NEW YORK, NY – Leading the industry and bringing in the most advanced technology is important, but only because it means our customers have quick access to the best possible technology to run their businesses, enjoy the entertainment, connect with their families. loved ones and connect with the world around them in new and deep ways.

In 2020, Verizon is poised to deliver the platforms and tools businesses need to transform how industries work, deliver exciting new consumer services, and improve our society. We will continue to build our 5G network with a focus on delivering a differentiated experience in public spaces, continue to advance our 4G LTE and fiber networks to continue to provide the reliability that customers expect from Verizon, expand our Mobile technology Edge Compute to usher in an era of ultra-low latency applications for businesses and consumers, and ensure that we build strong ecosystems around all of these technologies and networks to accelerate the time-to-market of new services and capabilities.

We’re uniquely positioned to do this because of the cutting-edge work we did in 2019 that allowed us to rapidly advance the technologies our customers deserve.

Looking back on 2019

Our customers continued to take advantage of our award-winning 4G LTE network and were the first to experience well-designed 5G. Knowing that 5G would end up touching almost every sector of industry, impacting our economy, and dramatically improving our society, we focused on building our 5G network, now available in over 30 cities, across locations. public spaces such as stadiums, arenas and city centers for the benefit of the greatest number of people. We are also deploying the latest technologies and platforms to transform industries, and are deep collaboration partners with our clients to help them in their digital transformations to prepare for 5G, while developing the ecosystem to make this 5G network a importance.

Make 5G available and accessible

Building the 5G ecosystem

  • Verizon has sponsored a number of 5G challenges – providing financial support or opening one of our labs to help companies across various industries develop 5G solutions that they believe will turn their corners of the world upside down and transform the way. where people live, work and play.
  • In addition to our 5G lab in New York, we built additional 5G innovation centers in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Washington, DC and Cambridge in 2019 in close collaboration with leading innovators, entrepreneurs and academic institutions. to test several new 5G applications and uses. case.
  • We opened the world’s first 5G production studio at RYOT in Los Angeles to create content for immersive entertainment experiences.
  • Verizon 5G has been on the Emmys red carpet, fueling their track and broadband events.
  • Verizon also brought 5G to the premiere of Star Wars. Verizon, The Walt Disney Studios StudioLAB and ILMxLAB have teamed up to explore how 5G can transform live entertainment experiences and capture 5G-based moments for broadcast production at the world premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker .
  • Verizon has partnered with Sony and NBC to show how Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband, Sony’s transmitter box and 5G device can support live sports broadcasts.
  • Verizon has become the official 5G innovation partner with Snap
  • Verizon announced a collaboration with Corning to create the factory of the future with 5G
  • Verizon lights up the first 5G shipyard in Newport News

We did not stop there. We launched the world’s first Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC) platform to the developer community, helping to accelerate the creation of applications that can fully utilize the speed and low latency 5G UWB promises.

  • We were the first in the world to launch a Mobile Edge Compute platform and have partnered with AWS Wavelength to provide developers with the ability to deploy applications requiring ultra-low latency to mobile devices using 5G. We launched the first MEC Marketplace in Chicago and are working with clients like Bethesda Softworks to transform the gaming industry.
  • Verizon has developed new Cutting-edge 5G technology which will revolutionize mobility for virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (XR) and augmented reality (AR).

And because we know that our customers will depend on our 4G LTE wireless network and our fiber network, we have continued to dedicate resources and innovations to ensure customers have access to reliable connectivity and the latest technologies. and the most advanced.

Advancing our 4G LTE network

  • We continued to virtualize our network to enable faster deployment of new services and technologies and to improve the efficiency of our network.
  • We were the first in the world to launch container-based native cloud technology over a wireless network, introducing new efficiencies and capabilities to deploy services to customers quickly and at scale.
  • We launched our NB-IoT network, complementing a full suite of IoT network services for businesses and small businesses.
  • We have led the industry to advance innovation in shared spectrum with the launch of CBRS, a unique solution that delivers superior speeds and capacity for customers, especially in densely populated areas and sites.

Advance our fiber network

Keep you connected reliably when you need it most.

2019 has been a banner year for building networks that change the way we work, live and play, but we are far from over. Expect more innovation and technological advancement from us in 2020, including more aggressive construction of our 5G network, greater innovation in the use of this 5G network, dynamic spectrum sharing to improve the efficiency in the use of our spectral resources, advancements in Mobile Edge Computing Technologies and Partnerships (MECs), continued innovation in fiber technology and advancements in fiber deployments and, of course, the reliability you expect from the country’s leading supplier.


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