use two airport routers to extend wifi range


Hi all.

I am wondering if purchasing a second airport router would solve my current problem.

I have a room upstairs where I need fast and strong wifi, but the signal from the main router downstairs is not reaching.

I have already solved this problem with a Powerline AV 600 tp-link extender.

The AV600 gave me a strong signal, but the internet itself was not fast and it looked like an unwanted device as well. He started screaming loudly about a year later. I couldn’t replace it with tplink, and it finally completely stopped working a few days ago.

Also, like I said, even though it extended the range and gave me wifi on the floor where I want it, I wasn’t very happy with the speed – everything fell behind schedule.

Now I have never done this before, but from what I understand I can set up two airports in bridge mode.

So I’m wondering if I get another airport router and connect it directly to my computer upstairs via ethernet, then put it in bridge mode, should I get the same internet speed as downstairs where the router is? directly connected to the modem, and also a strong wifi signal on mobile devices upstairs?

Could this be better than anything that is possible with a Powerline device?

My main concern is whether the routers will actually be able to communicate in bridge mode at such a far distance?

I know the airport utility app can detect my router over wifi from here because I managed the router with the airport utility from the upstairs computer.

Airport routers are expensive, but unfortunately it looks like you can’t hook up an Apple router to anything other than another Apple router. so maybe i can find a used one on ebay, if you check two airports that would be the best solution to my problem.

Thank you for your feedback!

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