Time-sensitive networking product testing expands

One of the keys to the increased availability of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) devices for industrial manufacturing and processing operations is access to registered test facilities where product developers can certify TSN capabilities. of their products. Access to these facilities extends with the announcement that Avnu Alliance launched global testing capabilities and a comprehensive update of its TSN certification testing procedures at newly licensed commercial test houses around the world.

These New Registered Testing Facilities (RTFs) are located at Allion in Taipei City, Taiwan; Excelfore in Tokyo, Japan; and Granite River Labs in Santa Clara, California, and Karlsruhe, Germany.

According to Avnu Alliance, “These well-known and globally dispersed test labs will reduce shipping times, offer competitive pricing models, and streamline the process for members looking to certify products and make communications between test sites. test and transparent providers. These additional test sites and locations give Avnu Alliance a greater ability to scale test capacity to meet demand, while also allowing device manufacturers to enter products into testing with less time before. the exit. “

Avnu provides test plans and programs to help manufacturers implementing TSN ensure interoperability and demonstrate interoperability through Anvu certification programs.

While this announcement is aimed at developers of products that include TSN capabilities in their products, the bottom line for end users in the industry is that more TSN compatible products will hit the market faster. This will allow for a broader implementation of TSN networking across the industry.

If you are not familiar with TSN, this is an IEEE 802.1 standard that essentially makes Ethernet standard deterministic by blocking non-time-sensitive traffic for specific time windows to ensure that control-specific traffic over. the network can achieve deterministic transfer times of the order of a few tens of microseconds and temporal synchronization between nodes at tens of nanoseconds.

“As part of standard networking technology, TSN is built and deployed worldwide,” says Greg Schlechter, president of Avnu Alliance. “Avnu recognized that in order for device certification to keep pace with innovation, we needed to expand our testing capabilities and global footprint to increase accessibility, enable the growth of test programs and manufacturers, and, in turn. overall, supporting the diversity of the growing TSN ecosystem. ”

To streamline this new testing and certification program, Avnu launched a new testing portal and a new certification management system (CMS). Designed and maintained by experienced certification management professionals, the new CMS gives members real-time visibility into the testing process and the ability to track device progress and timelines, Avnu said.

This new certification website will also feature a new product registry with a database listing all products currently certified by Avnu. Advanced filtering capabilities allow end users to search for products to specify and design in their systems.