Switch2’s economical and carbon heat network technology shortlisted for energy award

Switch2 Energy has been named a finalist in the prestigious Energy Awards, in recognition of its innovative ICON Connected Heat Interface Unit (HIU), which transforms district heating performance by reducing costs and carbon emissions.

ICON, which uses open protocol and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve heating network efficiency by up to 35%, was shortlisted for the “Physical Technology of the Year – Heating and cooling”.

Richard Harrison, CEO of Switch2 Energy, said, “At a time of record energy costs, our new ICON HIU is helping to mitigate the impact of soaring gas prices by transforming district heating efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. We are proud to be recognized as nominees and shortlisted alongside some of the UK’s leading sustainable energy innovators.”

The next-generation electronic HIU uses in-depth, real-time data insights to provide continuous improvement and proactive maintenance. ICON represents a paradigm shift in heating network capacity and its IoT technology means ICON can be optimized remotely, ensuring network managers and stakeholders have unrivaled access and understanding of performance, efficiency and the reliability of their network. ICON places transparency and customer service at the heart of district heating networks.

ICON’s management portal is accessible from any web-based device, allowing managers to monitor system-wide performance and update settings for the entire heating network without need to be there. This makes it simple and cost-effective to manage HIU commissioning and validation, as well as all aspects of long-term heating network operation.

The final winners of the Energy Awards will be announced at a ceremony in London on Wednesday June 29, 2022.