Secure and robust on-board networking systems for critical uses like air defense introduced by Elma

FREMONT, Calif. – Elma Electronic Inc. of Fremont, California introduces three robust and secure networking systems for harsh environments in airborne and air defense equipment, homeland security and emergency services, and air transport infrastructure and land commercial.

All three small form factor (SFF) models can facilitate edge computing in mission-critical applications such as drilling and mining operations, power distribution, and moving ground.

Using an integrated encryption module that offloads packet encryption and decryption from the routing engine, the routers provide increased data processing performance.

The basis for these rugged modules is Cisco’s ESR-6300 which delivers data, voice and video over IP to mobile users with fast and secure network performance. Cisco IOS XE enterprise-grade switching and routing security features help ensure secure voice, video, and data communications.

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The new models consist of the NetSys-5310 router with an ARM QuadCore A72 processor; the NetSys-5311 router that adds Power over Ethernet (POE) and POE+ support and up to 60 gigabytes of Flash storage with expandability; and the NetSys-5312 router which adds two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 7 or 23 Gigabit Ethernet ports through an ESS-3300 switch for advanced network functionality.

To ensure data integrity, the built-in Trust Anchor module, image signing, secure boot, and execution defenses ensure that code running on the ESR-6300 hardware platform is genuine, unmodified, and working. as expected.

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