Q83 raises $3.2 million and launches digital creator platform Kitly Creator Network – Technology

Australian tech brand Q83 has raised $3.2 million and launched its Kitly Creator Network, a platform for Australian talent agencies and independent creators.

This platform is a centralized database with real-time reporting data as well as built-in talent business tools, Q83 said. Kitly is a solution to the inactive mass databases that currently exist.

In just 6 months, more than 16,000 independent creators have joined Kitly to use its media kit creation, campaign management, billing or reporting tools.

Kitly Business, the brand side of the platform, is used by top Australian talent agencies including The Lifestyle Suite by Simone Landes, Ministry of Talent by Roxy Jacenko, One Management, Talent Ink, Mumpower, Day MGMT, Ivy Talent Co, Lime Agency and more. .

Anthony Richardson, Managing Director and Founder of Kitly, said professional content creators and influencers are unquestionably powerful drivers of marketing strategy, but effectively finding and connecting with the right talent can be a challenge for many businesses and businesses. marketing agencies.

“The biggest problem brands and marketers face is that manually searching for talent is resource-intensive or they use expensive and outdated databases where the talent is not active because it didn’t choose to be listed, so he often doesn’t get a timely turnaround to start a campaign,” he said.

“Kitly Creator Network was designed to streamline this process so that marketers and brands can quickly find pre-authenticated managed and freelance talent. Brands will have instant access to thousands of influencers and be able to shortlist and report on them from the same platform. »

Patrick Whitnall, Kitly Creator Network endorser and chief marketing officer of Twentyfivefour as well as vice-chairman of the Australian Influencer Marketing Council, said marketers and agencies often connect to platforms as a tool to discover influencers, however. , creators are often disconnected from the platform, creating a slow or unresponsive connection on a potential partnership.

“Frustration is building up, challenging trust and credibility in the marketplace. Kitly is already an integral part of the creators’ business, through media kits and billing, allowing them to focus on creating,” said Whitnall.

“The launch of the Kitly Creator Network adds a deeper solution for brands, agencies, and agents by ensuring creators are active and in-market for partnerships. The added functionality of being able to display the creator’s media kit in their profile also increases the efficiency of the campaign feed.”

Kitly Creator Network operates on a subscription model for talent agencies, brands and marketing agencies, and provides free access to creators. Kitly has also integrated secure access to talent audience demographics and social content performance information, such as Instagram stories, which are updated in real time and can be viewed after the expiration of a publication.