Powertec expands into the local manufacture of network equipment – Networking

Queensland-based telecommunications provider Powertec Wireless Technology has expanded into Australian manufacturing and surveillance as it seeks to capitalize on growing demand for wireless technology solutions.

The company manufactures a range of its offerings from its Gold Coast factory and at a partner factory based on the Sunshine Coast, including trailers, skids, temporary towers, tripods and container towers.

Powertec says the products are designed as turnkey systems that integrate a power subsystem and an electronics subsystem into the main infrastructure element.

The subsystems are designed on the Gold Coast, where the electronic subsystem can be configured to be configured as a 4G-5G cellular repeater, remote Internet and Wi-Fi system, GNSS repeater. The company said the power subsystem also typically constitutes a renewable energy system like solar.

“Systemizing our communications platforms is essential to helping our customers create flexible technology solutions,” said Doug Pukallus, CTO of Powertec.

He added that products can be converted from temporary to permanent installations, converted from trailer to floor mount, reconfigured in response to a grid upgrade or expanding power system requirements.

“Our approach not only extends the lifespan of these assets, but helps protect our natural environment by providing a pathway for reuse and recycling for a traditionally single-use class of assets,” Pukallus said.

One of the locally manufactured offerings is Powertec’s Coverage on Wheels repeater trailer, an immediately deployable mobile coverage system that provides 4G service, which includes a mining spec trailer rig with full solar power and sub- electronic system. The repeater aims to extend 4G coverage to a few hundred more meters.

The wheeled coverage is also GPS tracked and managed remotely, allowing the Powertec team to receive live alerts and perform fault diagnostics remotely.

Powertec is a provider of connectivity solutions for mobile network operators, private companies, government departments, defense and emergency services.

In addition to local manufacturing, the company also has original equipment and design manufacturers throughout Asia who are involved in larger telecom projects.

Along with this expansion comes the appointment of new, inaugural member of the Powertec Advisory Board, Scott Smith. He will participate in the advisory board’s strategic business direction to help Powertec achieve its goal of $100 million in revenue by 2026.

Scott Smith co-founded Brisbane-based managed services provider Comlinx, which was acquired by telco Over The Wire in 2018. He was later appointed CEO of Over The Wire in 2020, before leaving at the end of 2021. Over The Wire has since been acquired by another Telco Aussie Broadband.