Oswestry: Businesses to Attend Networking Event Next Week

A PIONEER coworking center in Oswestry is to host a countywide business gathering later this month.

The Friday Hub networking event – a collaboration between Marches Growth Hub Shropshire and Bridgnorth-based business consultancy Good2Great – will be held at Hadleigh Works in Oswestry’s Memorial Hall, English Walls on Friday 16 September in as part of its initiative to take the event free across the department.

Business owners can either attend Hadleigh Works in person or participate in the online event, with a topic on “How to do things”, examining the challenges of balancing the competing priorities of running a company.

The successful networking event drew hundreds of people after being launched during lockdown to give the business community a chance to continue coming together.

It takes place every Friday from 9.15am to 10.15am and every two months hit the road to visit a different town in Shropshire.

Vernon Hogg of Hadleigh Works said the team was really looking forward to hosting the Friday Hub roadshow.

He said: “We are really delighted that the Friday Hub is coming to Oswestry and that the organizers have chosen Hadleigh Works as the location.

“The event is being held on a blended networking format with a live meeting and a virtual meeting taking place simultaneously, so our excellent communication links were a big factor in choosing Hadleigh Works as the venue.

“It also gives any business people in the Oswestry area who have not yet joined the Friday Hub community the opportunity to sign up and share their experiences and challenges with other businesses around the world. county.

“Bringing people together is an integral part of our business plan at Hadleigh Works, which makes this event ideal for us.”

Friday Hub information can be found at https://good-2-great-8499938.hs-sites.com/friday-hub-roadshow or on the Hadleigh Works website at https://hadleighworks.com/