Networking made easy with a chip on your fingernail

Imagine never having to pull out your phone when you want to network or when you want someone to follow you on social media. Yes please!!!

The latest technology is here to make it easier for you when sharing information, an NFC chip that goes right into the tip of your fingernail.

Nail’d It, located at 226 E Crosstimbers St, takes a step into the future.


Owner Paola Alvarado says, “What better way for customers to quickly share information than with the touch of your fingernail.”

When connected to a compatible antenna, an NFC chip enables short-range wireless communication between two devices. This provides an additional layer of security, as only devices in close proximity to each other can communicate via NFC.

You will need to download the NFC Tools app. You will have different options as to what information you want to add. Everything from text, URL, social media, files, email, phone number, location and many more… it’s all up to you.


Others can only access the information you choose to share, and only one sharing option is available at a time. You can switch as needed in your application.

You don’t need long fingernails to achieve this, but you will need to add acrylic to encapsulate it, and it’s waterproof. The Nail’d It salon currently charges $10 per chip. It can last around a month and even through a refill, depending on how fast your nails grow.

For more information, visit @naildit_houston on Instagram.