Imou Life (formerly Imou) by Huacheng Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Imou Life app is specially created for Imou smart IoT cameras, doorbells, detectors, NVRs and other products, committed to creating secure, simple and smart life for everyone.

– New user interface for a better experience
– Switch to mini map mode for a clearer view of the device
– Create device groups to easily monitor together
– Alarm message displayed on the home page
– Use the search box to quickly find your device

[Remote View and Control]
– Watch live view or recorded playback from anywhere
– Real-time communication via two-way conversation
– Turn on the built-in siren or the projector to warn intruders

[Intelligent Alert]
– Receive instant alerts whenever something happens
– Avoid false alarms with human detection by AI
– Define the alert schedule

[Security Guarantee]
– Focus on user privacy and comply with GDPR regulations
– Encrypted audio and video transmission
– Store the video in the cloud so you can watch it even if your device is lost

[Easy Sharing]
– Share device access with your friends and relatives
– Custom sharing permissions
– Share video clips and happy moments

Official site:
Customer service: [email protected]
If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you for your support!


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