Huawei has verified the new 5G millimeter wave network in China

At the recent Huawei Connect 2022 conference, the company launched four new solutions that can contribute to network efficiency around the world. These solutions stand out as Digital Site Products.

According to the latest information, these solutions are the main product of the digital infrastructure. In addition, they will strengthen network facilities in industrial sectors and data sharing operations.

To be specific, Huawei has built an ultimate network system that delivers seamless digital services. In addition, it provides computing power to elevate traditional long-distance network frameworks, real-time monitoring and deployment without additional electricity.

Huawei Executive Director and Director of ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee Wang Tao said Huawei will continue to develop such solutions that will result in successful growth and more secure network installations in global sectors. .

Here are the top four Huawei network efficiency solutions:

1. Perimeter protection posts

The respective solution uproots on multidimensional technology. For example, the optical-visual connection, and mainly used for railway purposes. It is developing a railway perimeter security defense line using fiber optic elements and machinery components.

On the other hand, it decreases the false alarm rate along the railway line and measures the false alarm for railway perimeter protection for 1 time per kilometer per day. This maintains positioning accuracy at 5 meters and reduces response time to security threats by 30%.

2. Raivision Combo Pole Station

The solution will help to understand weather conditions and solve low accuracy issues. It can effectively get accurate perception of highways up to 1000 meters.

It should be mentioned that the Combined Pole Station uses multidimensional segments of millimeter wave radar and machine vision. As a result, the solution provides an event information identification accuracy rate of up to 60%, even on cloudy days and nights.

3. Remote environmental monitoring station

This solution does not require much electricity and works on the framework of microwave and Wi-Fi 6 technologies. Ultimately, this can relieve remote areas that have water conservation problems.

In addition, it approximates low latency, high bandwidth and other high-end facilities, which reduces power consumption by 60% and provides 100% measurement coverage in regions. distant.

4. Complete digital field station

Finally, the digital field station lightens the burden of manual operations. For example, energy conversion, workload on oil and gas stations, etc. Moreover, the efficient solution provides simple IoT services, centralized control functions and smart cloud collaboration. As a result, there are not many requirements for workers to take care of a single task.