Huawei FDD Smart 8T8R network technology can reduce power consumption by 26%: Report

Yes! It’s correct. The Huawei FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) Smart 8T8R network technology is quite efficient in terms of power consumption. It is quite powerful and can reduce electricity depletion by 26% in an area.

Well, so says Gede Darmayusa, CTO of XL Axiata, an Indonesian telecommunications company. He believes that adopting the most efficient Huawei FDD Smart 8T8R network technology can lead to productive use of energy.

Therefore, the 8T8R (8 transmit and 8 receive antenna elements) includes an utilization capacity that is twice that of 4T4R technology. So far, the company has rolled out the new high-tech product to more than 700 4G base stations.

Power consumption is the main concern of users!

Huawei President – Liang Hua said that users are generally concerned about power consumption. They believe that 5G technologies will consume more energy than expected. However, the constant formation of commercial 5G networks is proof that power demands are not as high as people think.

On the other hand, the main goal of new inventions is to transmit more information with less energy. The 1 kWh energy of the 5G product can lift the weight of more than 5,000 GB of traffic. This calculation is equal to 5000 ultra-clear films.

Comparatively, 4G products were only capable of 300 movies. Thus, it is clear that the 5G network is quite efficient in terms of power. Also, it increases energy productivity by 10-20 times.

Moreover, 5G base stations are quickly taking over with their greater capacity, faster speed and more connections. Finally, innovations and new implementations are one of the main reasons for the success of 5G technologies.

Liang Hua also said that the company is focused on working for the green environment and will continue to come up with such inventions and solutions.

“With the continuous innovation of technology, the energy efficiency of 5G equipment is also higher, and 5G will be more in line with the concept of energy saving and emission reduction, green environmental protection. “