Harris Poll Poll Finds Patients Want Deeper Digital Connection With Their Doctors


WESTBOROUGH, Massachusetts – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – eClinicalWorks®, a leader in IT solutions for ambulatory healthcare, today released the results of a recent survey examining public attitudes toward advancements in patient engagement tools. eClinicalWorks also conducted a separate study on physician opinions on this topic. Advancing patient engagement can improve patient health outcomes and lay the groundwork for many care coordination efforts, including meaningful utilization, patient-centered nursing homes, and accountable care organizations ( CO).

According to the survey1, commissioned by eClinicalWorks® and conducted online by Harris Poll to more than 2,000 American adults, as of March 2015, 84% of people say their doctor’s offices have a patient portal. Among those whose physicians have a patient portal, adults aged 55 and over (61%) are more likely to access their health information through this tool than adults aged 18 to 54 (45%). Additional survey results include:

  • Over a third (37%) of people who use a wearable device / fitness tracker wear them every day.

  • 78% of those who use wearable devices / fitness trackers more than once a month find it helpful for their doctors to have access to this information.

  • More than 3 in 5 adults (64%) would at least sometimes choose telehealth visits to replace in-person visits for things like follow-up visits for a previous problem, eye infections, skin exams, etc., if this option was offered by doctors.

    • More than a quarter (27%) say they would always / often choose this option.

    • Parents with children under 18 in the household (76%) are much more likely to say they would at least sometimes choose telehealth visits than those without children under 18 in the household (61%) .

  • 3 in 5 people (60%) are likely to make an appointment with their doctor through a patient portal or other secure website, if it was available.

“In order to advance care, consumers need to get involved in their own health and with their physicians,” said Girish Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks. “The survey results validate what we strongly believe, that people are involved and want to be involved in their health and well-being as long as they trust the source of the information. We are convinced that the innovative technology provided by Helow will help both consumers and providers to take care to the next level. ”

EClinicalWorks survey2 of Healthcare Providers March 2015, reviewed the progress of patient engagement tools from the perspective of healthcare organizations. Regarding sharing data with electronic health record via patient engagement tools, doctors say:

  • Three in four physicians (75%) said that one of the main benefits was allowing patients to easily access their medical records for their own examination or to easily share it with other physicians;

  • Three in four physicians (75%) also indicated that providing patients with automatic alerts and reminders on already scheduled appointments was a key benefit; and

  • More than half of physicians (56%) said that making it easier for patients to book an appointment or change an appointment with your practice is a major benefit.

Among the physicians who actively use a patient portal to communicate with their patients:

  • 67% noticed a change in the conversation with patients since portals, health apps and wearable devices became available.

  • 61% would recommend telehealth visits at least sometimes to patients.

  • More than half of physicians would find access to information from patients’ wearable devices or physical activity trackers to be somewhat helpful in helping them treat them.

To learn more about Healow, a wholly owned subsidiary of eClinicalWorks that focuses on patient engagement, please visit www.healow.com. Access the attached infographic here.


This survey was conducted online in the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of eClinicalWorks from March 12 to 16, 2015 with 2,033 adults aged 18 and over. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For a complete survey methodology, including weight variables, please contact [email protected]

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1 This survey was conducted online in the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of eClinicalWorks from March 12 to 16, 2015 with 2,033 adults aged 18 and over. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated.

2 Physician figures are based on an online survey conducted in the United States by eClinicalWorks from March 11-18, 2015 among 2,922 healthcare professionals. The results included responses from 584 physicians.


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