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Kito live is a popular, multilingual online entertainment and live group chat community. Connect with people all over the world, chat and have fun together!


Free group voice chat and private chat room
Start a high quality voice chat with up to 8 people simultaneously at any time, no matter if they are next to you or far from you; What’s more, you can also start a PIN-locked room to enjoy a private and peaceful time.

Single and multi-type sub-part
For business and senior users, for the first time, creating and managing more rooms has never been easier; instead of registering new accounts, with the click of a button, you can create sub-rooms with different topics to contain different audience groups. All-in-one under your primary ID!

Selective and amazing virtual gifts
In our opinion, it is not the gift that seems to be, but the emotion, the love, the status that is worn; in order to facilitate your choice, for each scenario, we have selected the right gifts to express yourself well. You will be WOW!

Voice magic
Everyone is a magician! Activate the voice magic, choose the scene, then your whole room will ring in it.

Native online entertainment
With all the friends sitting together, it can be more entertaining than just talking. You will always find a native game inspired by local community users and you will enjoy it.

Games in the room
Play games with your friends in the group chat room.

[Wealth level]
Users can level up by sending gifts, and higher levels will be able to unlock more rewards
For example: users can get wealth badges by sending a gift worth 10 gold coins

[Aristocracy explain]
The aristocracy of the knights explains
– Activation cycle: 1 month
– Activation price: $ 10 per month
The baron aristocracy explains
– Activation cycle: 1 month
– Activation price: $ 50 per month

Other rules
– payment: payment is taken from the user’s iTunes account, and payment is made upon confirmation of the purchase.
– aristocracy service contract:

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