FM Qureshi launches ‘FM Direct’ app for digital connection with all MoFA agents


Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Friday launched an ‘FM Direct’ mobile application for a direct digital connection between him and all Foreign Ministry officials.

For the first time in the history of the institution, each official, whatever his grade or location, is in direct contact with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

According to the Foreign Ministry, “FM Direct” was a “new and evolved way of thinking, embodying the spirit of meritocracy and transparency” within the Foreign Ministry through digital communications.

“The mobile application was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic as an efficient and rapid means of internal communication, given the critical importance of interactive and responsive multi-stakeholder coordination and dialogue,” a- he declared.

Earlier in December 2019, Foreign Minister Qureshi presented #VisionFO to the Foreign Ministry as part of his public diplomacy initiative to promote a macro vision, digital landscape and transparent mode of communication.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also introduced the concept of electronic office and invested in secure and encrypted videoconferencing facilities connecting it to its key missions around the world.

Qureshi, as part of “FM Connect Coffee Mornings,” regularly connects with a diversity of stakeholders across Pakistan each month, to help shape a more progressive and inclusive foreign policy.

It has also established an advisory board, drawing on the expert opinions of seasoned retired diplomats.


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