Development of a communication protocol for the judicial training center of Montenegro


The principles of judicial training provide a common basis for the professional advancement of judges and prosecutors. In order to ensure the effective application of these principles, good communication between judicial training institutions and target groups is necessary.

In order to provide a framework for the mutual exchange of information, a communication protocol for the Judicial Training Center (JTC) will be developed for the first time to set out the key principles and how they work in practice. The protocol will provide a central source of communication guidance to JTC bodies and is also expected to increase the amount of information shared between JTC bodies and judicial stakeholders.

To enable effective and timely coordination of JTC activities, communication techniques, key messages and other relevant standardized tools will be developed to enable JTC representatives to communicate more effectively and to increase visibility among students, faculty members. legal practitioners and citizens.

The Protocol should also provide guidance in extraordinary circumstances that require urgent communication, with a view to ensuring respect for the interests of relevant stakeholders and contributing to the overall capacity of Montenegro’s justice system to harness the trust of citizens.

The communication protocol will be developed within the framework of the action “Responsibility and professionalism of the judicial system in Montenegro” which is part of the joint European Union / Council of Europe program “Horizontal facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey 2019 – 2022 “.