CCP presents Quasar, the new networking foundation of EVE Online


CCP is always looking to refine the EVE online to live. The loyal gaming community has seen a number of changes and events over the past decade. Even thanks to recent updates aimed at making the game more user-friendly for new players as well as reducing the learning curve, there has been another change in the background. Today, CCP has decided to highlight Quasar, the successor to the Sanguine project and the next phase of EVE Online’s technological networking process.

In a devblog, the whole process of moving forward in this way is detailed. The last time, they note, that the network layer was changed was ten years ago, in 2011. That year, CarbonIO, which was running Python. Since then, everything, every optimization has to be done through Python’s Global Interpreter Lock (GIL). Well, in a world where technology is changing and transforming rapidly in many ways, that foundation has lasted for a very long time.

There were some apparent cracks, however. The system requires messages to be sent immediately when someone takes action, and while the CCP team says CarbonIO has handled things well for the most part, it’s just time to work with a more flexible system. They note that “the bottlenecks associated with GIL have been rediscovered, but with a clearer picture of their costly manifestations: message routing, serialization and transmission. If a ship shoots a laser in the midst of 1,000 ships, 1,000 messages must be sent to the whole world immediately. The simulation must address this message to 1000 destinations as a copy (message routing), convert this data to wire format (serialization), and then send the data by wire (transmission). ”

The new Quasar system can target specific parts of the network and all messages can be routed outside the GIL. The recent version of Skill Plans was made without ever having to communicate via Tranquility or the database. Essentially, CCP increases its ability and ability to create a more stable course. The specifics can be targeted. One of the tests involving no downtime for quiet was part of this overall progression. No downtime has been possible with this new system, where there is more flexibility and no need to shut down the entire system for many changes or adjustments.

There is a whole lot more in the very detailed devblog, that you can find here. All in all, with Quasar expected to take over on Tuesday, September 14, the prospect of further strengthening and fundamental changes.


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