Camosun College offers two new programs in cybersecurity and computer network technology – Saanich News

Citing dramatic changes in the way business is conducted, Camosun College has created two new degrees centered on cybersecurity and networking technology.

The college will offer cybersecurity and network technology programs this fall. The aim is to give students the knowledge and practical experience they need to be able to install, repair, secure and maintain computers, servers and computer networks.

More workers are connecting to VPNs, working from home and communicating globally than ever before, electronics and computer engineering professor Ian Cameron said in a press release.

For the digital infrastructure of the banking, healthcare, telecommunications, energy and transport sectors, “it is vital that companies invest in cybersecurity experts to protect them against both cyberattacks and the data theft,” Cameron said.

Alan Duncan, chair of electronics and computer engineering, said graduate students “will not only have the knowledge and skills to maintain computer and networking systems, but will also be able to design and configure these systems to protect them against hackers and malware”.

The number of jobs for cybersecurity professionals in Canada is growing 7% every year, according to the Canadian Center for Cybersecurity, and this is another in-demand position on Vancouver Island.

“At Camosun, we work closely with industry to identify the skills that are needed now and in the future. This program reflects our commitment to students, employers and industry partners,” said Cameron. “Our students will make a difference by helping to strengthen Canada’s digital safety and security.

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