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As businesses accelerate their digital transformation, major trends such as cloud adoption and remote workforce are pushing enterprise network architectures to be cloud-centric. This means that network architectures must be designed with the migration of the workload to the cloud and end-user access to software as a service over the Internet as central requirements.

Cloud-centric networking requires network professionals to be proficient in cloud networking technologies as well as SD-LAN, SD-WAN, and data center networking technologies. Network components are essential for any cloud infrastructure to facilitate secure and optimized connectivity for communication between resources and end users. Networking of public, private, or hybrid clouds is required both for communication in the cloud between resources and to the cloud between end users or devices and applications in the clouds.

BCX’s Data Networks team has been helping customers for many years design, deploy, optimize, secure, and manage network infrastructure for corporate customers migrating workloads to public clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. (AWS), and to a service provider. Cloud hosted such as in own data centers activated by BCX software defined network.

BCX cloud networking services complement the compute, storage and application services provided by BCX’s AWS and MS Azure centers of excellence. Our cloud services cover consulting, design, deployment and migration, as well as managed cloud services. Typical building blocks of a cloud network are Azure Virtual Network or AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) design and deployments, gateways, routing and peering, load balancers, security groups network, perimeter security and cloud appliances from original equipment manufacturers.

For networking to the cloud, BCX’s Cloud On-Ramp offering facilitates hybrid and multicloud connectivity by connecting enterprise end users to private or hosted data centers and WAN branch offices to private connectivity services public clouds. Examples are Azure ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect, and Oracle Cloud Connect. BCX provides these services in South Africa and through major global network providers to clouds around the world.

While cloud networking services can be offered as a stand-alone solution, it is typically a subset of BCX’s cloud solutions portfolio, or an integral part of our solutions. SD-WAN, for the needs of the cloud. SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architectures that integrate cloud-managed security controls with SD-WAN are, by design, cloud-centric. BCX has more than 200 certified network, security and cloud engineers nationwide to design and manage end-to-end, cloud-centric secure networking solutions.

For assistance with your cloud networking needs, please contact your BCX account manager or sales representative, or contact us at www.bcx.co.za/solutions/cloud/managed-cloud-networking/.


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