Amazon launches networking platform for female tech students in Japan

TOKYO — Amazon has developed an online networking platform for female students in Japan to support their long-term career development and IT options.

Amazon Women of World (WoW) will help address the tech talent shortage and gender gap in IT in Japan, especially with accelerating digital transformations, the company said last month.

Amazon WoW will highlight the rewarding aspects of technical jobs and provide students with upskilling and retraining, such as programming training.

The platform will host various events with technical employees of Amazon and AWS, such as conferences, workshops and roundtables. The events will promote communication with students as well as the culture of Amazon and female engineers.

The site will provide students with career building coaching and mentoring, etiquette training and Amazon job postings, which users can apply for on the platform.

Amazon WoW will also guide students through online technical tests and interview preparation and invite them to meet with a recruiter.

The site is part of Amazon’s goal to provide free cloud computing education to approximately 29 million people worldwide by 2025.