Mortgage Loan with multiple guarantees

If you are having trouble getting a new mortgage or you need to increase the residual value of your home, please consider the loans with several guarantees. With this type of loan, you can put under warranty several properties. The advantage of this loan is that they offer people with multiple properties (or who have friends / family with multiple properties) a mortgage.

How does it work?


In order to be approved for this type of loan, you must either own or have friends or family members who are willing to put their property under warranty. If a friend or family member agrees, the person will have to go through the same process as you. Also, if you are approved for the loan, you and your friend / family member become jointly liable for the debt.

When should I choose this type of loan?

When should I choose this type of loan?

This type of loan can be beneficial for many debtors, including:

  • Those who do not really have access to liquid assets but who have multiple properties
  • Those with financial problems but trying to get approved for a first or second mortgage
  • Those who want to use the residual value of their home to obtain financing
  • Those who want to repay the high-interest rates accumulated on credit cards
  • Those who need funding for major projects or renovations at home.

The main advantage of this loan is that it is perfectly adaptable to your solution. In order to obtain it, you will work jointly with a private creditor who will not only look at your financial statements but will also look at the situation in general. And although this loan is aimed at people with a poor credit rating, the loan is also available to anyone looking for financing.

Start today

Start today

If this type of loan seems the ideal solution to your problem, contact us now. We will accompany you throughout the process and we will ensure that you are matched with a creditor who will meet your needs.

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